Planning a wedding on a budget

Weddings have become an industry and there are a lot of people taking advantage of the future bride and groom.

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Given the fact that every little girl dreams of having a big, fancy wedding, it is only obvious to assume that every wedding we attend has to be fancy and big. Well, although the wedding industry puts a lot of pressure on the couple, having a big wedding, with a lot of guests is not an obligation. This may come as a shock, but you do not need to have hundreds of guests at your wedding and you can even get married on a budget.

Here are only a few ideas and tips that might help you cut the expenses on your wedding.

1. The first idea, although not necessarily the best one, is for you to elope and get married somewhere romantic. It would be just the two of you and you certainly would not have to worry about anything, from wedding invitations, flowers, candles, wedding rings and so on. The reason this might not be the best idea is the fact that you two may have people who actually want to attend the wedding. Of course, we are talking about your parents, family members and close friends.

3. If you are looking to save a little bit of money on your wedding then we strongly suggest that you do not buy anything attire – related. Renting tuxedos and wedding dresses is a thing nowadays and you should definitely look into it. There is actually no point is spending a fortune on a wedding dress that you will only get to wear once in your life. You can also rent accessories and everything else that you might need in order to look absolutely fabulous. Also when renting a hall or limo service check out publicly listed companies since these might be cheaper than the so called “known” ones.

3. Now, if you guys stick to the guest list that we have mentioned above, you should be able to have a great wedding on a budget. If you only invite your families and a few close friends, you might end up having somewhere under 30 people at your wedding. If you ask us, that is ideal because you do not save a lot of money on the menus, but on the location renting as well.

If you have such a low number of guests, you shouldn’t even consider renting a restaurant or a hotel for the reception. All you need to do is rent an outdoor tent and a couple of tables, put it in the backyard, and you have yourself the ideal location for the reception. There is no need for you to pay for a space that you won’t actually be using that much. Now all you have to do is hire one or two waiters and find somebody to cater the reception and you are all set.

It is not impossible to have a cheap wedding and to avoid spending a fortune on things that you will never use again. You just need to find the right shortcuts and the right ways in which to save money!