Planning a wedding on a budget

Weddings have become an industry and there are a lot of people taking advantage of the future bride and groom.

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Given the fact that every little girl dreams of having a big, fancy wedding, it is only obvious to assume that every wedding we attend has to be fancy and big. Well, although the wedding industry puts a lot of pressure on the couple, having a big wedding, with a lot of guests is not an obligation. This may come as a shock, but you do not need to have hundreds of guests at your wedding and you can even get married on a budget.

Here are only a few ideas and tips that might help you cut the expenses on your wedding.

1. The first idea, although not necessarily the best one, is for you to elope and get married somewhere romantic. It would be just the two of you and you certainly would not have to worry about anything, from wedding invitations, flowers, candles, wedding rings and so on. The reason this might not be the best idea is the fact that you two may have people who actually want to attend the wedding. Of course, we are talking about your parents, family members and close friends.

3. If you are looking to save a little bit of money on your wedding then we strongly suggest that you do not buy anything attire – related. Renting tuxedos and wedding dresses is a thing nowadays and you should definitely look into it. There is actually no point is spending a fortune on a wedding dress that you will only get to wear once in your life. You can also rent accessories and everything else that you might need in order to look absolutely fabulous. Also when renting a hall or limo service check out publicly listed companies since these might be cheaper than the so called “known” ones.

3. Now, if you guys stick to the guest list that we have mentioned above, you should be able to have a great wedding on a budget. If you only invite your families and a few close friends, you might end up having somewhere under 30 people at your wedding. If you ask us, that is ideal because you do not save a lot of money on the menus, but on the location renting as well.

If you have such a low number of guests, you shouldn’t even consider renting a restaurant or a hotel for the reception. All you need to do is rent an outdoor tent and a couple of tables, put it in the backyard, and you have yourself the ideal location for the reception. There is no need for you to pay for a space that you won’t actually be using that much. Now all you have to do is hire one or two waiters and find somebody to cater the reception and you are all set.

It is not impossible to have a cheap wedding and to avoid spending a fortune on things that you will never use again. You just need to find the right shortcuts and the right ways in which to save money!

Why you need professional help for some chores BEFORE your BIG day!

We’ve also talked about this is one of our previous articles. We explained why and just how important it is to let professionals deal with some of the chores you have to do around the house. We’ve talked about carpet cleaning and restoring hardwood floors, if you can remember. But these are not the only two things a professional cleaning crew can help you with.

When you hire a professional cleaning crew, it is important that you know exactly what are the things that they can help you with. Like I said before, when I hired the team that redid my hardwood floors, I also managed to trick them into cleaning my carpets. The great thing about this is that I only needed to pay a few extra dollars for the additional service. I believe that all cleaning companies make it their mission not only to gather as many clients as possible, but to also keep their current customers happy. This is exactly why they have some amazing packages for people who need more than one service.

Of course, the next year I came across the same problems, so I gave them a call, but not before going online and checking out their prices and offers. This time I also picked a window cleaning team, again, for just a few extra dollars. The thing is that I’ve always wanted some professional help for my windows, but I always thought it was too much trouble and too expensive. But once I saw that offer, I was definitely impressed.

Let me just tell you that when it comes to spring cleaning and cleaning in general, that was the best decision I’ve ever took. The fact that they came prepared with all kind of harnesses in order to reach even the highest windows was nothing less than impressive. Of course, they did both the insides and outsides of the windows and the results were amazing.

I used to have all kinds of corners I couldn’t reach, but once these guys were done, there were no smudged corners and nothing done just halfway. Everything was clean, spotless and with no traces of any kind. The great thing about this is that I got to sit back, relax and do other things I had planned. I did not have to climb anything and risk hurting myself; I did not have to rub anything just to be disappointed in the end. The results were definitely impressive.

I guess I don’t even need to mention the fact that I plan to never trouble myself with cleaning the windows. I think that the most important thing I’ve learned from this experience is that I need to admit when I am overwhelmed. I need to be able to admit to myself that I am in over my head and that I need some help. I think everyone should learn that, including you.

Wedding traditions you haven’t heard of

There are so many wedding traditions, that it would be almost impossible for a couple to follow them all. There are traditions depending on the country or area and even family traditions that are passed on from generation to generation.

Of course we have all heard about catching the bouquet and throwing rice after the wedding ceremony. There also is the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” tradition that brides have kept for ages. But there are also things that nobody has heard of. There are weird archaic traditions that have lost their meaning, but people still keep them without knowing why.


For instance, in Eastern Europe it is accustomed that the bride, the groom and all their guests wear masks just before the wedding. It is said that this tradition is something they do so that the newlyweds will live a long and healthy life. It does sound weird, but the masks allow people to “hide” from evil spirits, from anything that is bad, from any kind of disease or any other type of trouble.

During the reception, some guests receive different gifts from the bride and her mother. These gifts are a way of saying thank you for helping her pass through this ceremony and for helping her become a wife. As a result, those guests get her ready for the life of a wife. They take off her veil and replace it with an old hat. This exact moment signifies her passage from a girl to a woman.

In other places, it is the groom who is helped through this rite of passage. Just before the wedding he is helped to get dressed and to shave. The process is usually delayed by different guests, who jokingly try to shave him with an axe or with other inappropriate tools. This is their way of checking if the groom is ready to take this step, to become a man and get married.

There are many other wedding traditions all around the world. Some of them include never ending dances with complicated choreographies. Others include the bride and groom having to eat very weird dishes. Others still include some type of ceremony that ensures that the bride and groom consummate the marriage. Every country has its traditions. Some of them are interesting, others are outrageous, but most of them are actually harmless.

The bottom line is that you only keep those traditions that mean something to you. Your wedding should be just like you want it to be. If there are things you consider to be too much or too embarrassing, you always have the option of not doing them. The most important thing at your wedding is that you and your wife or husband to – be have fun.


How to reduce the budget of Home Renovation Before Your Wedding


Home Renovation is one big thing that people often take very seriously. There is no harm in it especially when the involved time, effort and money are considered. It is one of the big things after purchasing your home. The purpose of home renovations varies from one individual to another. However, the fundamental of the renovation approach and work remain the same. The budget is the most important part and thus one must take care of it very seriously. I have seen cases where the budget has really overshot due to poor management and bad planning. However, that can be easily controlled and maintained. Here are some tips that can help you to control the renovation budget for your home.

Act according to purpose

The purpose has a greater role to play in the renovation budget. There are cases when people renovate the newly purchased home. In such cases, renovation is an additional expense and one must make sure to take minimum renovation responsibilities after purchase. You must make sure that the renovation does not come on you, and even if comes then negotiate the price of the house you are buying. In some cases, people go for replacing the old things with new and modern materials. Furniture and walls are very commonly replaced. You can sell the older material before you purchase the new ones in order to curb the budget. There are renovation works that involve additions. In such cases, make sure that new items are perfectly fit for your home so as to avoid unnecessary expenses. It should be within the realistic and affordable budget as well.


Shop Around and Do market research

You cannot leave everything on others as far as the shopping is concerned. People tend to buy the materials from particular shop to avoid the hassle. However, that does not save your budget. You must shop around the market to make sure that you get all you want at the cheapest price. However, that does not mean that you have to compromise on the quality of the product. The same product can be purchased at a cheaper rate in online than retail shop and you must take all such advantages. Also, you can wait for offers to make the most of it in both retain and online shops. Bargaining, negotiations and comparison of quotes can save a good amount of bucks for you.

Creativity, Innovation, and Improvisation

These three aspects are very important for saving the budget in the renovation process. There play significant roles in terms trimming the budget for the renovation purpose. I have seen people saving a lot of bucks by making innovation approaches in their renovation process. However, the creativity is not limited to any field and it can be as dynamic as the entire process of renovation. Even small amount of saving can be big saved if that impacts a large part of the work.

The budget of the renovation work is not guided and bounded by any formula. Hence, people have to be very careful and creative to keep that within reach.