A Step-by-step Guide To Finding Great Furniture For Your New Home Before The Big Move

You’ll spend less on furniture over the years if you could learn to recognize quality pieces at the beginning – they will last much longer. Furniture purchases rank right up there with a home or car purchase. You can’t make a split decision on what piece to choose. We’ve provided a helpful guide that will provide you with the insider view on furniture buying; be sure to review it thoroughly prior to you go on your next furniture shopping excursion.

High-quality furniture never nails seat legs to the chair and will always join them to the frame. Your floor could be scratched and gouged by plastic or metal legs so be really careful with the furniture you choose. Top quality furniture will have a fifth leg in the center. If you are looking at a high-end couch without a fifth leg for extra support, it isn’t worth the money you’ll put into it.


Solid wood might be beautiful but it is easily scratched. Wood veneer will offer you a similar appearance at a more affordable price. Less expensive particle board furniture is constructed from the scraps left over from solid wood pieces. This cheap type of wood won’t last as long, however it can look acceptable.

Check each item of furniture carefully if you buy it used, which can be a great deal. Occasionally water marks, rips, and scratches can be mended easily. Be sure to inspect the cushions for any indications of damage or general wear and tear. To gauge its sturdiness and resilience, make absolutely sure to check out the furniture by sitting on it for at least a few minutes.

The cost of furniture could change at any time in the year. Usually the best prices are available in January, when furniture retailers need to move their existing inventory. This is the prime time for customers to get fantastic deals on furniture. You’ll find the deepest price reductions at more commonplace kinds of stores, rather than high-end exclusive kinds of stores.

Pay close attentions to the details of the furniture to find out about its quality. Some things to look out for are really the quality of padding, screws, nails, and springs. When you’re looking at these unfinished areas, you won’t be seeing an ideal, ready to sell piece of furniture. Learn as much as possible about the process and care that went into creating the piece you are interested in.

When buying furniture, select the colors and fabrics that go with your lifestyle. Your furniture will be stained and torn within minutes when you have a large, hyperactive dog. In case you have any kids, think about stains, dirt, as well as their play and eating habits. Before buying new furniture, consider who will be using it.